Item hard-rejected. Any tips on how to improve in the future?

This track got hard-rejected. Would really like to know people’s thoughts as to why

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Quote from AudioJungle blog :

“There’s a time and place for everything. The vast majority of stock audio is to support a visual. The visual is usually going to be the main focus of a viewer’s attention, therefore having solos and too much virtuosic work is going to draw too much focus away from the main focus. A lot of the time your work will be used to compliment something else.”


I saw your post before it was withdrawn as I got it with the email notification. I just wanted to say thanks for your feedback! I will make sure to improve my mastering and I’ll check out the work of other people to understand what kind of music is in demand on this platform!

That makes sense. Thanks for your reply, I’ll make sure to go through the guide you’ve attached.