Item got soft rejected for generic name

Golfarena - A WordPress Sports Landing theme for Instructor

Here Golfarena is generic name. I’ve already changed name 2 times, trying to change one more.
But I need help. Now I want to change it to Golfer.

Now I want to know, is Golfer a generic name??

Please help me with your advice.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Use some other name.
I have submitted theme with name “Colorius” and get the same reject - “color” + “ius”.

So, I am 99% sure that “Golfer” will not pass.

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Thanks for letting me know your experience :smile:
We are trying to find other name.

How can we prevent this delay? Is there any place to identify which names are generic for sure?

I am also finding the way to get a name without generic name.

I got a soft rejection for theme name “Jason”, too. I’ll search for unique name.