Item got rejected

Can anybody give me any suggestion as to why this vector seamless pattern got rejected.

From what i see it is not seamless.

Thank you for the reply. What I have attached is the preview image I submitted.
This is the actual vector part that would get repeated.

hi no for shameless patterns u need to have a symbol disposed in each corner the visible part must be lower right part for the top left corner , the the lower left part for the top right corner , the upper right part for the bottom left corner and the upper left part for the bottom right corner … and everything , please make sure that u do not have some big gap like those that u have right now …


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Ok. Thank you. I did not know that I need to have partly visible symbols on the 4 corners.

Also when submitting, do I have to submit the AI and EPS file with only a single instance of the pattern ? I submitted after copy and pasting several instances in the AI/EPS files in order to make it look good and show how it will look like when the pattern is repeated.

Thank you.

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hi i guess that putting both formats is better … i assume u are not ignoring that if people have only photoshop , eps is possibly opened but not the ai

Hi, yes I put both formats . Thank you

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u are welcome if u have enough clues of what to do with your item pls check the solution box, goo work and good luck :slight_smile:

Sure I will. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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