Item Feedback - Shopify Theme

So, recently my Shopify theme submission was hard-rejected, but I genuinely thought it was a much better design than a few of the accepted themes currently for sale on the marketplace.

First, feel free to check out the theme I created and it’s “presets”.

Some themes currently for sale that I feel mine definitely compete with in terms of quality:

If my theme just really is dreadful to look at and I’m not seeing it - please let me know, haha! But in all honesty - I feel the work I’ve put in is good enough for the Themeforest marketplace.

Any and all feedback welcome - not sure if I will even try and re-submit at this point. Frankly, the “hard rejection with NO feedback” is VERY discouraging. I wish the administrators would do something about that. Heck, even one sentence would be more helpful than nothing.

Thanks everyone!