Item Feedback, please!

I’m trying to get into the swing of things again so i am planning on uploading some things. The only problem is that my last item was about a year ago, so i am not so sure of my newer things. That being said, here is something i made and plan on uploading and i want to know from the more regular uploaders, if you can see this being approved. Thank you, in advance!

To my mind track is good, it can be fine fine for abstract category (or something like that).But if you will upload it to that category maybe it’s better to make softer sound (softer compression and bass sound). Also to my mind lead sound (that play from 0:46) is cheap, maybe it’s better to use another sample. Good luck!

Sounds good. I really liked it :slight_smile:

I agree with LuckyBlackCat. Plus, add an element to be glued track arpeggiator maybe?

+1 Lucky, a good idea, a little monotonous. :slight_smile:

The track really inspired me :slight_smile:
I think the most important thing!!! :wink:

Thank you, to everyone who gave a listen! I appreciate it! :slight_smile: