item feedback for may j&k template


i created a wedding template.i need experts feedback about my template before submitting inn themeforest.plz help is the link:


Sorry but you are way off with this one too.

It is better than the other but the design basics all need addressing throughout.

  • Side nav is cropped at the bottom?

  • Looks abd on mobile ( again could be G Drive hosting) even resiing browser the sid enav area does not react.

  • typogrpahy in particular is not good

  • many inconsistencies thoruhout with margins and padding esp. in events icons and copy

  • random empty space on ‘first kiss/date’ areas

  • what the red circles on the bridge and groom?


where should i upload my template except gdrive as a free hosting ?


You can Google free hosting but it is never a good idea - downtime, slow loading etc.

Success here requires an investment in time,resources and necessary tools. There are plenty of cheap hosting offers like under $5 a month from the big sites. At the end of the day you get what you pay for


Side nav is cropped at the bottom?
i didnt get that cause there is nothing like this in my mozilla browser.
can u give me a screenshot ??





okh thanx i get it.
now typogrpahy in particular is not good.
in which area i need to improve can u tell me ?


All of it -

  • font choice - that italic font might seem ‘marriagey’ but it is very outdated and does not help the design

  • consistency e.g. you change fonts several times throughout from italic to serif in events to another in contact form (guessing that is a plugin or script with a different stylesheet?

  • padding (just look at events copy)

  • blogs are short and compressed with very small and tight copy


random empty space on ‘first kiss/date’ areas
what does that mean ?


Look at our first date section and empty space to the left as well as spacing and margins around the copy and image sin the two sections above that.

Bear in minds that fixing the issues I raised initially will still not make this up to standard for here

It’s still too basic and not refined enough for example - how many wedding sites in reality have a blog section? That just feels like it really does not belong there.

There is still a big jump needed in necessary design, features etc, quality


okh thank you a lot
i appreciate your help