Item feedback before submitting.

Hello this is my first huge HTML template (70 HTML files) and I need feedback before submitting my theme. Link is I guess there is a lot of mistake. @ThemeSLR


The design looks very simple to compete with high quality themes.

The typography has in some sections problems of size and contrast.

There are sections that have certain conflicts with visual hierarchy, it is necessary to make changes.

The design in general requires a great uniqueness to differentiate from the rest of subjects that are already available.

Good luck with your presentation


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Thank you very much.

Hi there,

First of all, I would say that the number of pages means nothing if your template is not perfect, in terms of design. As @TexTheme mentioned, your item has serious contrast issues, all over the place, typography issues and also many sections contains spacing issues.

###Here is my review for your template:

  1. Assuming that this is the style of this template (Black and white), even with this in mind I consider it a bit boring, don’t know why but I have this feeling :slight_smile: Please don’t get me wrong, I understand the concept by this is my first impression.

  2. Add some sort of hover, over menu items:

  3. You said you have 70x pages but you didn’t implemented a hover over search and cart icons (i consider these things mandatory);

  4. What is this doing? I suggest adding a link rather than this boring icon :smiley:

  5. Make titles bolder. Spacing issue between description and next service icon. Change the background of icons because your current combination does not make good contrast with the background. (Dark over dark = hate :slight_smile: )

  6. This shadow is really nasty. Remove or make it almost transparent

  7. Be careful with hierarchy. Heading needs to be bolder. Same thing on point number 5

  8. Another set of issues :frowning:

  9. Add some sort of fancybox (gallery popup)

  10. Remove that triangle from corner, is really bad. Increase the contrast

  11. Major Visibility issues on contact section

  12. I just checked some of your other pages. For example one major issue, you have a lot of portfolio pages but any of your portfolio templates does not have links over portfolio items. Also any of them does not have hover effects. Only some simple images?! Its really sad :frowning:

  13. Shop issues: Spacing.

  14. Shop, but where is the Add to Cart button?! :smiley:

  15. Finally I found one extra color, other than black and white…blue. See the screenshot: (Found here:

###Final note:
In my opinion you need to do some extra work and make it ready in terms of typography hierarchy, spacing, fonts, colors and many other aspects.

Once again, 70x pages means nothing if you don’t control the level of quality from your template. Take a look at some approved items and try to improve your template.

Anyhow, this is a good start. Keep it up! :sunny:

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Thank you very much for detailed review I already send my theme but I will delete it and fix everything.

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