Item feedback after hard reject.

So this track was hard rejected not to long ago and I’m trying to get some insight on why. Starting to feel the frustration of others. On another note is it just harder to pass a review now a days?



Wow , very nice melody , really , but I think the percussion need to change something , not very good , and a little monotone )

I’ve noticed 2 things:
The track is just a basic bed with no lead melody (except for the bell thing, which is very repetitive). That’s not a problem, if you make it shorter. For this length, there’s simply not enough going on. It’s very repetitive and (excuse me for saying this, it’s just my opinion) a bit boring. I know that less is more but I think this here is the exception. If you want to keep this length then you need to add some more events to your music.
The second one is minor, there are those strange double-like sounding kick drums, at 1:05 for example. That could be disturbing to some.

Otherwise, I think there are no sound quality or mix issues with this one.


@WildLion_Production @SixideBeats thx for the feedback guys I’ll be sure to keep what you said in mind