Item encoded in a format that is not supported.

I have windows 10. I just purchased "Bamboo Forest
I can’t load it into my video editor (Filmora) and also It won’t play at all on my PC.
This is the error message:

This item was encoded in a format that is not supported.

I’m not very technical, so If I can;t resolve this problem, I would like a refund on the item.
So, If anyone knows how to solve this problem, that’s great. If not. If anyone knows how to go about getting a refund that would be help. I’ve never had to get refund before,. and can’t find any information. Thanks.

I am also having this very same problem with windows 10 , Did you get yours resolved? If so how did you fix it?

This file was encoded as a Quicktime MOV file with the coded PNG+Alpha, which is a standard video codec. It sounds like you do not have the codecs installed and might be trying to play back the video in a window’s native media player.

Please try to download and install the Quicktime player from Apple to have the codecs installed. Similarly, if you open the file in a video editing program, it should play fine. I just tested this file and it’s working perfectly fine for me.