Item does not appear on the upload page (Issue resolved: September 6)

I’ve tried uploading 3 times and still nothing appears on the upload page.

Does anyone have the same problem as me?

yes. same problem i face

I tried again today. After a long loading, I succeeded in uploading 2 videos, but after that nothing shows up again.

I cant upload AE project since 2 weeks… in any way… :-/

hmm, ok, the ZIP file shows on AE upload dashboard about 1 min ago

Currently, the upload item appears, but takes a very long loading time.

Yesterday, I tried to upload an item once. However, the item did not appear, so I logged out and checked again today.

The same item was uploaded 5 times on today’s upload page.

I was trying now upload motion graphic, no chance :slight_smile:

Hi all. Sorry for the late reply - I’ve been out sick for the last few days.

This issue has now been fixed. While the issue was active, there was a delay between when new Video items were uploaded, and when these were shown on the Uploads page.

Due to this delay, some people tried uploading the same content multiple times - unfortunately this placed further load onto the system, and increased the delay before items were shown on the Uploads page.

Our developers have now brought the Uploads page display up to date. If you find you have many copies of your latest item in the queue, you can clear your downloads and try again.