item disappeared

The audio track I wanted to buy has disappeared, as well as its author. How can I reach him?

Hi! Author @dannyboyle1983 decided to delete his portolio and profile. Therefore, you cannot purchase this track. But you can try to contact the author here on the forum. Just write to him, maybe he will help you :point_down:

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Thanks, but I can’t find a way to send him a msg. How do I do that?

I already gave you the link

Oh the blue Message button doesn’t appear when I click the link :frowning:

Hm, strange. Okay, I’ll write him a message with a link to this thread

Thank you!

If dannyboyle1983 doesn’t reply your msg on the forum, is it possible to contact him via email? This music track is really important for a project I’ve been working on the last months, I’ve used it in a video that is finally finished and approved by the client (after several months) so to change it now would be very trouble, as you can imagine, I would have to re-edit the video to match the new music. Thanks for your attention!

I wrote him a private message, it should also be redirected in his email (if he has not disabled this function in the settings). Unfortunately there is no way to find out his email

Ok, thank you :+1: