Item DISABLED without forewarnings because of new code standards. REALLY?

Hello there,
did I miss any announcement or there wasn’t any deadline to update our portfolios to last “Codecanyon reviewers coding standards”?

My whole portfolio (43,500+ sales, 16th in Codecanyon history) has been created back in 2012 when there weren’t strict coding standards. We are talking about constantly updated and fully working products, serving the best websites around the globe.

And now? Envato disables everything without a forewarning?
Do you know we LIVE uniquely upon those items, right?
Why disabling and not sending notices??

By far the worst move I ever suffered from Envato. Day by day you keep me pushing away from exclusivity. Envato can’t be trusted anymore.


Already our work is precarious and now after this move, I’m starting to reconsider placing all my eggs in one basket.

The item disabled had over 40k in sales (after Envato’s 30%+ fees). What a stab in the back.


Same. The notification is too generic. ALL (perhaps I had some commented-out lines of code) requirements are met. Why disable? No indication as to why …

Copy of the generic (IMHO) message that I bet everyone got… Did anyone get a zendDesk ticket link as promised?

Hi, my name is _________, from the Quality Team here at Envato. We’ve recently started a review of the items that are already being sold in the market, and one of our goals is to have the best quality items in EnvatoMarket. This being said, we’ve found some critical issues with your item, and we’d like you to solve these issues immediately to enable your item again:

1. Your demo’s not located. We require a full working demo for all items here at CodeCanyon.
2. No inline CSS. All CSS must be separated into an external stylesheet.
3. No inline JavaScript. All JavaScript must be separated into an external file.
4. All JavaScript should be written with “use strict” mode on; For example, you can do this with jQuery:
“use strict”;
//Code here
5. Use on(); rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), .submit(), etc.
6. __() & _e() does not escape. Simply use WordPress' escaping functions such as esc_attr__(), esc_html__() etc…
7. Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom image sizes, classes, constants, hooks, public/global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes. For example, themename_ OR frameworkname_. You can use frameworkname_ if you’re using a framework, while using themename_ for your themes. Read more at: Anything before the first underscore is classed as the prefix, and all prefixes must be 3 chars or more.
8. You should not use woo_, woocommerce_ wordpress_, or wp_ as prefixes.
9. The localization file should be in English and delivered as a {plugin-slug}.pot file that contains all your translation strings. The plugin can include an actual translation file, but it should not add the or en_US.po because English is implied.
10. Remove commented/unused code from all files.

You will get a ticket with this information from our zendDesk ticket system.
Best regards.
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Exactly same happen with me.

Why we didn’t get any security about our product too(Yesterday someone copy our code and approved it to envato)?
One of user continue comment on our product about misbehaving words(Try and flag the comment but 30+ flag after i am unable to do flag too)

Envato community member just do reply only one single line(CONTACT SUPPORT)

No one helping us on this platform

Waiting for all author to revert


Just happened to me as well today… very bad!

They are saying something about WP plugin chekc? Where can I download that, I can’t find it?

Exactly. Totally vague, no precise indication.

Sincerely this thing shocked me completely.

I indeed live exclusively with envato earnings. If they can take down my top items without any forewarning, I’m totally ruined.

As soon as I’ll have checked all my plugins code, I’m gonna start changing my business plan and leave the exclusivity almost surely.

The fact Envato grew big (specially thanks to our elite earnings back in the days) and have multiple income sources, doesn’t mean they can act like this and potentially ruin people.


For a few days, my plugins are deactivated one by one by Jessica Arvizu from Envato, even after updating them to respect these painful and fuzzy technical conditions.
Not a warning by email before disabling them, nothing…
This is disrespectful to all the authors who have contributed to the success and branding of this platform.
Ironically, I just received a backpack sent from Envato…
Is it time to get out of here ?


How much time did they take to approve all of them?

This has happened to us as well, and it’s the second time it happens.
They did the same last year or so, they disabled working items without even checking them, we don’t even know what’s the point of doing this, aren’t they discussing internally before doing such thing, and aren’t they aware that we should be notified in advance before they do such action?

Anyway, back to it, a few days ago, they did the same with two of our items, we got an email, like most of you did, with indications for things to correct, which aren’t even problems in our items, it seems those are indications for wordpress items tbh and we sell no wordpress stuff, but either way, they are very broad and make no sense.

We also did not receive the support ticket indicated by the email, so this is all very weird behavior from Envato, which supposed to be our partner, but no notifications, no fix-period, no heads-up, no nothing, that’s what communication means for Envato towards it’s partners.

Before this, we were thinking to remove some of the items from the marketplace because they did not perform as well as we thought they should, so sales were very low, but this move from Envato made us finally remove those items, and many more because we just can’t keep up with random rules, so now we only keep a few items so that the entire team can focus on those items alone and provide good service to our customers.

As many of you have said, we do this for a living, exclusively via Envato, which is our partner, our only partner. We have employees we have to pay each month, no matter if we have sales or we don’t… we always need all the help we can get from Envato, but instead this is what we get, very disappointing.


This worries me a lot!

It looks like they are checking primarily very old items, or very new items.

Does they disabled your very famous item MailWizz??

New items (at least 1 year old) already passed those requirements.

Not MailWizz, but a few MailWizz extensions.

Thing with those extension is that, once you create them, they will almost always work as long as MailWizz doesn’t change internally, so there was no reason to disable those if you ask me.

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I’ve had exact same thing happen few days ago. I will cancel my account with Envato and sell else where. I’m sickened the reasons they disabled items. I got 8 of really stupid reasons that have literally nothing to do with “code quality”. Its just opinion on what quality is supposed to look like.

For me quality code means stable product with updates keeping up to date working on latest browsers. my items do that. I admit I have jQuery 1.11 or something from 2014. It works with .bind method. But so what? What does using “old” library methods have to do with code QUALITY? There is no indication any of the methods/libraries I use are no longer safe or have any issues with “new” browsers. I patched few minor issues there were with outdated library jPlayer. Rest is working great and as someone who values his own time, I believe until its time, they don’t need to be replaced. I focus my time on actual features and adaptations to the market/APIs… Item in question has superior performance and uses latest caching technologies.

I can go on with “strict” JS and “unique” naming of functions etc… I’m selling STANDALONE script, never MEANT to be injected/implemented with another system. Its written in the description!

I’m not updating things they requested. I will find other ways to sell my items. I have account with Envato for 8+ years. And the item in question is 6 years old with almost 1000 sales (not as good as topic author ofc) but for me its a lot of history. 380 comments, thousands of mails shared, 47 updates in past years…

Extremely disappointed.

As mentioned by others… Heads up or warnings would’ve triggered way different reaction, but now I’m requesting account removal and complete wipe from Envato servers. I’m not playing this stupid game.

And to be clear: I’m totally in favor of a marketplace cleanup, we are asking for it for too long.
However this is not the right way to operate: is a nonsense to check for specific coding practices while reviewing recently updated items getting constant sales and NOT triggering a single warning on any website!

God… it’s so logical: the reviewer sees something wrong? Sends a notification stating you must fix things in one week or the item will be disabled. And specifying what is wrong, how can we know what triggered the negative outcome out of dozens of thousands of code lines??

Personally I’m so worried that I stopped support and any other development, checking everything in my portfolio. It will take days!

However I’m pretty sure something could still ring the reviewer bell, hidden on some line.
This matter is too serious to be ignored by Envato staff.


I think Envato need to change it’s attitude to us. They put all efforts on Elements, forgetting about those who helped to built success

Absolutely true. Some requests are totally non-sense and they create more problems and bugs than benefits.

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Let me see if I can get some more details. Or at least some to the OP. Thanks!