Item Description Page read data from another source

Hi there dear Authors and mods

Lets say i have my collections aligned and linked properly in my profile page. Then i copied all html from profile to each item page. Now if i create new collection, i have to copy paste new data to all 250 item’s page. Is there any easy way to make each item page read data from one source so i wont have to do this time consuming work. Any idea ll be appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day.

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Hi, this is the usual way to do this:
You need your own website/webspace for this to work. Create a page on your webspace, like
Set this site to redirect the user to your desired collection or any other URL.
Insert the link to the page on your website in all your item descriptions.

Now, if you want to change the link the people are redirected to, you just need to update the page on your website, not all descriptions.

Thank you for advice. When i insert link to the description will my collections be visible in description page or its just link that people should click and be redirected to my web page ?

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You can use html to link to it via an image. If you want to be able to update the image as well, upload the image to your webspace, and then swap out the picture there if you want to update it in all descriptions.

Your domain needs to support https for this, and you need to use https to link to your image. Else envato will host your image and you won’t be able to update the file by just swapping it out on your webspace.

I didnt get it exactly. Forgive my bad English. My item description nothing but :


<.a href=“…”>
<.img src=“…jpg” />

And 7-8 copies of this code for diffferent libraries.

So i will create my web page only with this basic html. Then with which html code i can embed my web page data into the description page ? Could you give me an example, because i know almost nothing about html.

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