item confirmation problem at Envato Market.

Yes, in my stock account at another site i sell it.

Well if it had been approved then you’d be in breach of Envato’s exclusivity policy, and you could have had your account shut down… so probably best it didn’t get approved.

How so? Can’t I sell the design I uploaded to GraphicRiver in other stocks?


So what do you call this?
It just took me 2 minutes. I find more.

Tis is at GraphicRiver


And this is at Etsy

That’s not the same file or author?

And for reference that author is non-exclusive so they could do it if it was the same

Unfortunately several authors do try this and breach the rules but that doesn’t make it legit and will only end in their account being blocked if they are caught.

My account is set up as: A Non-Exclusive Envato Author
This means that. I can sell the items I sell in other stocks at graphicriver. Is it correct?

Yes, but you will recieve less earnings from each sale

If I update my profile as an Exclusive Envato Author, will my old items be affected?