item comment spammer? any motive?

Hi Envato Staff & fellow authors,

I was so happy to see one guy in almost our released theme and ask for RTL support but now I found this sad truth.
I checked almost new items to see how fellow authors have been doing and seee this guy “saeed205”.
He bought nothing for a long time.
He seems to copy & paste his same comment "Hello Is this the theme of RTL languages are supported? Is RTL be added in the next update?"
You can search this and he seems to make this comment everywhere.
I doubt his act is for a reason, raise awareness for RTL or for himself or any other purposes?
Don’t know for sure about his motive but to me, this is definitely a spammer.

Just wanna to raise awareness about this guy.


Ask him to purchase my service:

Have you considered his motive might be purely to find out which themes support RTL languages?

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Since 2004, I’m pretty sure that he could find some themes that support RTL, I think
Checking his account makes you noticed that he didn’t purchase any theme - not sure if he has other account but smells a bit fishy

I also thought so before but I changed my perception when I found out even if the theme is supported (stated on the theme description) and he still bought nothing but keep asking same old question.
This is just a small notice there may be a false demand for your theme and authors should be aware of this.