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Hello everybody,
long time I’ve not been writing here but I’d like to comment a curious fact just happened.
I usually don’t like when there is too much criticism towards item reviews (hard work!) but I’d like to tell about this curious fact happened to me.

I’m lucky enough that my items get approved almost the first time I submit them but this time I don’t understand what’s happened very well: I recorded and submitted a couple of classical piano pieces, one from Schumann and one from Bach. The first one was readily accepted and the second one hard rejected because “…does not meet the general commercial quality…”.
Well, besides the fact it is the first or second time an item of mine gets hard rejected, what I don’t understand is why this big difference in reviewing considering that I did them together, thus: same recording, same piano, same mix, same ambient, same mastering, same playing techniques etc etc… This makes very hard for me to understand what is wrong and where my fault is…

Anyway not a bashing topic, just wanted to tell about this :slight_smile:

Happy Labour Day!


one reviewer was having a good day, the other one was having a bad day :wink:


hehe possible :grin:

It is very easy to understand as Bach more mainstream than Schuman was. Jokes appart you can find in this The top rejection reasons in the Audiojungle
"Sometimes reviews are really dependent on what Reviewers have been listening to all day. If your track sits in the middle of the road you run the risk of being run over.

If you get rejected take it as a sign to make some improvements and get on the right side of the road."

So being said that sometimes these weird hard rejects are part of the normal function here. Don’t take it harsh and go for the next one. :slight_smile:


Let me ask: is this allowed, to sell the melodies of the famous composers?

Just curious about copyrights and all this stuff)

Depends on how old it is. Bach and Schumann definitely falls under public domain which is free to use.


Indeed, it is funny. As you mentioned all the technical aspects, maybe the problem was that the rejected item was not acceptable commercially. There is a question, did u check the name of reviewer, is he/she the same person?

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Yes, I thought the same being Bach a little more difficult to insert in a commercial situation but the reason in the rejection mail seemed to point to technical/performance problem.
Maybe is standard for every rejection.
It would be useful to have more specific description.
I didn’t know you can know who the relievers is; I remember in the past there were his/her personal message but not now. He might be the same person because the mails arrived within a couple of minutes one from the other but I don’t care at the end :slight_smile:

Thanx for the insight.

Anyway no problem, I never take it harsh :slight_smile:


It would be great to listen your tracks… both of them and maybe we can compare … :slight_smile:
I’m curious…

One is already in my portfolio but as soon as I have a little time I’ll put them on my souncloud page and notify here

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Hard reject reaction LOL! Jim


Here is the two :slight_smile:

edit: updated link for SC not logged in users

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both removed?

No but they are private.
Strange, if I’m logged in I can see them otherwise not… Let me check

Ok sorry, missed the ‘secret’ link :smile:

this should work even if not logged in

They both sound great. Unfortunately reviewing is not a scientific process and these probably got reviewed by different people would be my guess. I stick to my earlier post :wink:

Me too! I mean, I stick to your earlier post :smile: