It was rejected without any explanation for the second time.

My plugin is a live search and the plugin design is simple to save these searches, but I set a dynamic panel to color it, and I used a codestar framework in the panel. Is this the reason for rejection?

I made a plugin and sent it to the codecanyon. First, I admit I did not make a good document and explanation. But second, I think I did something good. But it was rejected without any explanation. There is a demo of my plugin on the site below, when you click the button in the lower right corner, there is a documentation, but why do you think it was rejected when sending the plugin? Could you please send the wrong sample form of filing?

What reason did the reviewer give?

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Thanks for your answer.

This is the point I am sorry for, I was not told anything. He did not make a statement, I think this is very rough. At least if they give me a reason, for example, the features of your plugin are insufficient, add some more features, improve the design bad design, improve the document bad documentation. But I don’t know what to do when there is no such thing. So at least they could show a tiny way.

Is there anyone to help? Please help.

Couple points that might be useful:

1 - I would redesign completely the way you present your plugin, it is really hard to understand what am I looking at, and totally separate out documentation from the main page (entire presentation looks like a documentation).
2 - even though search field finds keywords, it does not show the exact spot, but rather shows top of an entire post (you can highlight the searched keywords for example)
3 - take a look at some of the wp plugin presentations on codecanyon, it can give you some ideas on how you could present your solution

Hello, thanks, yes, I have added many new features, daily weekly, monthly, yearly and in total, I am preparing a graphical representation for them.

I have listed the top 5 of the most searched topics under the search box.

Instead of showing all the searched data, I added a paging system with forward and back buttons. I also said reset the form and show all results and directed it to the default search page with the “s” parameter.

Yes I think I should use another theme for presentation I found a free html documentation theme. I am preparing a plugin that I can dynamically adjust this. And I will release this plugin for free on github, when the plugin is ready and I prepare a new document page, I will send it again.

Well, wouldn’t it be better if the envato team could guide us for what we lack? It is only difficult to guess because then I don’t know where to look.