It took 13 days to review my HTML ThemeForest template.

Hi Everyone,

Well waited for 13 days and this was the answer from review team - “we found that it’s too far off the standards we require”. Need your all help please tell me that actually where I’m lacking in my work of creating HTML templates. Link is provided below.

Click Here.

Don’t you guys think that review team should provide at-least some information that at this point your work was lacking. It wasn’t as standard as we required.


1.) Your design is way too simple, which may still work if you had perfect typography and spacing, which you don’t, they are both very poor.

2.) Try to use more interesting images, those you’ve used look way too random, they lack any mutual style or topic

3.) You can’t be more unoriginal than to add “Developed with :heart: by author” on your page. It is 2016, this was cool maybe two years ago.

4.) Your item name “Creativefolio” - adding “creative” to your item name doesn’t make it creative, quite opposite to be honest

  1. and 4. are obviously not reasons for rejection, they are just my personal opinions, but 1. is definitely a reason for hard rejection

You will get more detailed review once you pass certain quality threshold. It is not realistic to expect a detailed review for each item considering the amount of submissions (and already long review times). Also, it is not reviewers job to teach you basics of design anyway. Your designs shows that you obviously lack those basics - typography, whitespace, attention to details and so on. Work on your skills and try again in time.

Hi @LSVRthemes and thanks for taking out sometime and replying on my theme. I really appreciated the points which you have pointed out. Surely will work on my basic of designing and hopefully next time will get some reply from review team.