It seems to me Envato is not able to protect fair competition

Around a year ago, I noticed that some top-selling items in the Presentation category extensively utilized content from Freepik.

I created a PDF featuring screenshots of the items and links to the original assets. I submitted this to Envato support to report a potential violation (ticket 3131481).

I’ve got an answer:

“We are currently investigating and will take the appropriate action if necessary.”

However, after a month with no noticeable changes, I raised the issue again.

Quotes from my conversation with support include:

  • “In cases where an asset is available on multiple sources, it’s often impossible for us to take action.”
  • “Envato will address any valid DMCA notices we receive.”

Feeling that further action would be futile, I paused my efforts.

The story got a spinoff when I realized that these authors were also using Storyset assets, a branch of Freepik, which differs significantly:

  • Regular Freepik content is contributed by various authors who can distribute it elsewhere
  • Storyset content is exclusively created by Freepik, with all rights belonging to them

For me, using Storyset content on Envato items is a clear copyright violation. I contacted support once more (ticket 3413363, 15 Dec 2023), but this time received no response.

Let’s delve into a specific example to illustrate the issue.

Taking GENEROUSART as an example, let’s look at one of their templates on Graphicriver: Multipurpose Business-Deck PowerPoint Presentation Template, Presentation Templates.

Just so you know, this template was the top-selling item on GraphicRiver last week

It employs at least three Storyset illustrations, alongside various Freepik content:

Now, I have some questions:


  1. Do you believe GENEROUSART is playing fair?
  2. Do you think Envato has done enough to ensure fair competition?


  1. Leaving legal nuances aside, do you believe GENEROUSART is playing fair?
  2. Can all authors use Freepik’s content (including Storyset) to level the playing field?

Are you a legal representative of freepik or storyset? No. This means you are in no position to report or otherwise take legal action.

You think there is a violation but perhaps there is none since the concerned parties do not care.

You can contact support and report copyright violation on your item. This is probably why you are not receiving a response.

Fair play aside the author does state that the images and mock ups etc are not included.

As far as I’m aware, assuming content is correctly licensed or attributed and not included in the download then there’s nothing stopping authors doing this.

I imagine there is a lot of buyers who do t read the description and end up frustrated when they find the images are not included but that doesn’t change the legitimacy of doing it

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Apart from what the other users commented, you can contact and inform Freepik/Storyset about the “issues” then they could contact Envato if there’s an issue with the legal/copyright side.

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