....it isn't at the quality standard

I think I’m not the first to read this. Is this generally bad or too low RMS or something else. Are these technical or musical problems?
Is the author in a black list afterwards?

Could be both.


Just kidding :wink:

Of course they are - 3 rejections in a row and you lose the Internet. :sunglasses:


That explains the bad WiFi reception around here…


Yes, that’s the warning shots. Be careful.

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So it’s not worth trying on with the other music? once black lists, always black list?

nah they are just playing with you a bit. AJ is happy to reject as many tracks as you want to send them :slight_smile: trust me!

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Yes, theres no blacklist. Good luck with future submissions!

There’s no black list… just a big opportunity to learn, have fun… some little jokes (with respect) .,… and a nice talk ! :smiley:
You can send your track here… and we can discuss together how to improve things! :wink:
Good luck with future approvals!