It isn't at the quality standard required to move forward. Please advise me on my track

Hello there.
Please advise me on my track. I read all information before I upload it, but… What is wrong with this track? Is it good if I have a solo or I should make music like just an arrangement? And this music I mark as the POP category. Perhaps it’s a different category like Corporate/Motivation…

Hey! Based on my rejections experience I can say that if the track is not complete crap then it’s all about mixing. If you have a previous project with a similar style that were approved, try to transfer the new track in it so you don’t have to mix all anew.

The audiojungle watermark is like pitch-shifted upwards, that it self is a reason to rejection. Also too busy song, it also shifts up to like +5 semitones or so, this is itself a reason to reject. It adds drama while there is no drama. But mostly from start the AJ watermark is like its been pitch shifted up = not good
. Overall a nice song with potentials, but technical details ruin it

Thank you very much. I fixed these mistakes, made a new mix and I will try to send again.