it is good to get approve?

Hey, Expert fellow authors,
Please help me with your feedback or suggestions that might help me to improve my work.
Now i have done with this business card it’s with 4 color but i put just red and yellow.
i want your opinion it’s does not matter if your opinion is good or bad, i just want to know .

There are a number of problems with your design, firstly the presentation. Showing the bleeds as a green outline looks bad and the buyer might think the green is part of the design. Show the business card on a 3D mockup or otherwise without any guides or bleeds, just show it as it would appear printed. Then it’ll look better. The design itself needs work, the typography especially. The font doesn’t look too good, and spacing etc needs to be better in the layout. The email address part being smaller text than the phone number and address, that looks wrong.

Overall the design is quite simple and not good enough to be approved. The plain coloured shapes could be made more interesting. If you’re using photos as a background you might need to be more artful in the way you integrate them in the design. For example, use blending layers to make the photo colours match your design better. Good luck!

Thank you for quick replay.
i think i will try to modify and put some patterns and gradient to look more visible and the font i don’t know i try to find a better found i guess, anyway thank you for your opinion.

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