It is better to sell Pack (Kit) or multiple different items?

I already created 3d reflection logo, title reveal. With 6 camera animation presets, 2 transitions, loop preset, short preset with another 4 camera presets (better for stacking one after another), 5 materials (+ old age effects) Its my Master Project.

So i can create 5-7 items using the same system. And all of this items will have unique style, meaning, mood etc Like “Royal Gold, Silver” “Mystery night metal reveal” “Colorful Abstract metal”

It wont be the same Master project with different values. Every item will contain only what it needs to achieve right style, everything else will be deleted. I will not upload my Master.

Its important to remember. Every item will FEEL differently. Different purpose. Different clients segments.

Why it is good?

Its really good search optimization. Different description, tags, name.
Great way to be found not only from Videhive but also directly from Google.
This strategy aims to long term sales. Because it will be more focused on Search Engines.
It will be higher on the search list (or maybe not… but it should theoretically)
So this strategy for people who need something like my item and they use "search"
They wont look to trending, popular, sales, they know what they need and will search using specific words.

Why its bad?

Sometimes i see like many sales attract even more sales. I think its because people tend to sort by number of sales. And buy not something they need right here, right now. But something they think they will use someday.

Well this types of clients is different, they look what is popular, or trending, or new and interesting and buy it.
So for this guy i’m lost. Because of spreading all sales with several items, instead of focusing all sales on one item.
My items wont be at high positions in (Sort-by sales)-(Logo Stings)-(Monthly) or maybe wont make even in bestseller list at all (which is more likely)

Sometimes i think that there are more people who just buy cool templates even if they dont need them right now. Buying bestsellers its what people always do.

Something like “20 Logo reveal Presets” will make sales faster, but month later sales will fall down. Because this name is bad for search engine. And will be almost impossible to fit all the tags, because it will be universal template.

dark, bright, child, mystery, action, hero - well that wont work

Envato made 100 characters limit on the name item. I understand why, because the item name is also in item URL and it improves Google ranking. So maybe this way Envato encourage us to create longer and specific names. Not like “Logo Kit” but more like “Old Fashioned Mystery Bronze Slow Logo, Title Reveal.” If its what Envato want, then i shouldn’t create kit, pack.

Or not?! Oh my god! I dont know what to do! :weary:


What types of clients generate more revenue for authors?
Which strategy is better?
Maybe any ideas?