It finally happened, I knew it.


Ok I knew it would have happed soon or later.

I decided to not support an item of mine anymore and a user asked me for support just 2 days ago (during a non working day).

I have not replied in 2 days and I got 1 star with this reason:

no support at all , plugin did not work - useless

“No support at all”: really??

“Plugin did not work”: Uhm that’s weird because the plugin was sold 549 times and rated 4.27 (counting this 1 star).

So what should I do? Should I give support even if the user have not bought support?

This is not fair in my opinion.


we have this feature now Replying to reviews

replay to the review - solve or explain the problem :smile:

i think - with and without item support items price is same.


Yeah I know, but the user have not even replied, and my 1 star is still shining there.