you unlocked my account without returning my purchase item to my download page, after I paid back $559 dispute issues.

author of the item said my money is still with envato and he can’t continue my installation, please add file to my download or add money to my dashboard lemme repurchase…

Ticket iD: 3184131

Please keep patience, envato support team will reply you as quickly they can.


This is 4th day of sending the payment and account was only unlocked, but item to return to my download page and item author didn’t receive anything from envato, why such delay please?

Did you dispute the payment?

If you challenged the payment with the provider then the delay is almost certainly beyond envato’s control and down to them first.

Payment was disputed by my bad vendor, and then u repay same amount of with PayPal 4 days ago and they confirm the payment and unlock my account, but I couldn’t get access to the particular item I purchase again, which the author or item said he can’t work on the program untill envato get back to him, so my question is why is the delay after I repay money and my account got unlocked, so what else again for such dealay

account related issue handle through the Envato support team and only they are the right team to help you. Hope they will reply you soon. For the volume of open ticket reply can be delay.