Issues with uploading Avada Wordpress Theme

Can someone please let me know if they have had issues uploading the Avada Wordpress Theme to their back office?? I have tried several times now with no luck…

IT is showing the file is 249.45 MB in size (for a zip file)…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… my client is wanting their website complete sooner rather than later.

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Probably best to speak to the author.


I’m new to the envato community… how do I do that?

did you even bother to read the documentation? You have to extract the zip folder and find the installable theme zip under it and then install it.

If you go to the item page, there should be a support tab at the top.

no need to be nasty… I just said I was new to this…

Thanks heaps for your help… greatly appreciated.

I am not being nasty. It is understood that after downloading the zip, you need to extract the zip and see what’s inside it rather than to install the entire 200 mb folder.

Ive never had to do that with other wordpress themes Ive used from another site… so wasnt aware this was needed to be done.

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This is not an installable zip. Download installable theme file from ‘downloads’ or extract that zip and find installable zip file.

hi man az avada dar doorsan estefade kardam va razi nabodam.
hamchenin dar خرید ساعت

try to use FTP upload, it would work