Issues with musicpack hyperlinks.

In trying to upload a music pack I am having trouble adding hyperlinks to the existing Audio Jungle tracks.
There does not seem to be a way to do this from the actual track page in Audio Jungle; right-clicking on the preview does open the Inspect window but it is not clear how that would enable a hyperlink.I am obviously missing something.
Any help appreciated!

You need to add some html to the description of your pack - a line something like this:

<a href=“”>Track A</a>

Here’s a helpful tool for making item’s description.

Thanks oleaj…I have looked at other composers’ music packs, and I see all the individual tracks, but no obvious html links, so there is a gap in my knowledge here.

1 Where do I actually add the html? is it just at the bottom of the description?

2 In your example
<a href=“ ”>Track A

where does this link get added to each original track so that it becomes visible in the MusicPack?

Thank you Theo,
I will have a go at the Envitator.

You put the html anywhere in the description you want the link to show up. In the running example you would get Track A in blue text to indicate that it is clickable. The tool Theo mentioned is great for showing what the end result will look like.

OK IT support team…the penny is dropping I think.
All I do is copy the html link from my previously uploaded track, and paste it at the end of the track description in the Music Pack, correct?

Close. You need to embed the link you copied in an “href” statement:

</a href=“link you copied from previously uploaded track”>Track name:</a> m:ss

Where m:ss is the track duration.

Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Success! - the Music Pack has uploaded successfully, so we are well on the way.
Thank you team for your detailed instructions, which I followed to the letter - and space… The last post from oleaj was the clincher, and the Envitator tip from Theo was perfect for previewing the descriptions.
I could not have achieved this without your help.
ZhongSha04 thanks for your comment - I’m sure this thread will help other music pack newbies.
I now wait on the approval of the Audio Jungle assessor.
A Real McCoy

Hi again…
I received an email from the reviewer saying that my links were not formatted correctly.
They included a link to the info below as a help.

The only difference I can see is that the links I copy from pre-existing tracks contain “/” between the “<” and “a” at the start, and an “s” after “http” eg;
</a href=“my track info etc”: 2:01

oleaj I notice that your link suggestion also contains “/” at the start.

Is this significant? Should I alter the copied link to get rid of that “/” and “s” before resubmitting?
I’m going a bit nuts here…

From the link provided by the reviewer…

  • Write a description
    • The description should contain a list of each individual item contained in your pack, along with the corresponding duration/length of each item.
    • There must be hyperlink included so each track listed links to corresponding item already on AudioJungle. So for example, your description will contain a list that looks similar to this:

Track A: 0:48
Track B: 1:32
Track C: 0:56
Track D: 1:40

Remember that the duration of all tracks in your Music Pack should be entered into the length field. e.g.10 x 1:00 tracks, you should enter 10:00 as the length.

Oh! My mistake. Sorry about that! There should not be a slash before the first a in <a href … but you do need one for the trailing </a>. Here is an example from my own music pack:

<a href=“Ominous by oleaj | AudioJungle”> Ominous: 1:05</a>

Another difference from what I said before is that I put the duration before the trailing </a>, and while I used http instead of https apparently that got automatically converted to https by the upload process - https is a “secure” version of http (hyper-text transport protocol).

You can take a look at the result here:

If your browser has an “inspect” mode (which you may have to enable) you can examine the html (hyper-text markup language) for that page (or any other web page).

Oops! That href example is not quite what I typed - the problem with providing html examples in a web chat is that the html gets interpreted and rendered unless you manage to “escape” rendering directives.

Another detail, more than you want to know probably - is that the href links to items in my pack use “http”, not “https”, in the description, but show up as “https” in my browser’s inspector - so, not converted during upload, but converted at some point.

Music Pack approved!
Thanks for clarifying olej - HTML now makes sense to me.
And Envitator is indispensable Theo.