Issues with most of the WordPress themes

I have purchased an annual subscription of Envato Elements, mainly for WordPress themes. To my dismay most of the themes there are have issues. The descriptions given there are incomplete. For example, many themes don’t have demo content, some have missing PHP files, some others have css file issues. I have written multiple mails to Envato people, no one cares to respond. What is the point of paying an annual fee of more than 15,000 and still not able to use the products?

Highly disappointed.


Please contact Elements Support and let them know with the specific item (which has issues). Elements Support Team will be happy to check it for you and in worst case that item can be removed from elements.


No point for that as well. Have mailed them multiple times in the past, as I said, no one cares to respond.
It was a complete waste of money for me. I have already taken a headsup from my client for theme named Casano, that theme neither has demo files in the downloaded folder, nor it lets the demo files get downloaded in ‘one click’ as they have mentioned in the description.

Now have to purchase that same theme from ThemeForest. This has happened multiple times in the past when I had to waste money twice.

All that these guys say is ‘we don’t provide support on Envato Elements’ . The trust is, I dont even need their support, all I need is that they give all the files that they write in the description.

Super frustrating !!!