Issues with Express WordPress Install Service and how to fix them

I’ve been working as an Envato Studio service provider for long and I’ve completed over 300 Installations to date and I’ve seen a pattern of issues happen repeatedly and was hoping Envato would do something to prevent it.

It happens a lot that a customer orders the WordPress Express Install and with his order provides minimal information with no login or ftp for instance, and sometimes provides the information but forgets to upload the theme zip files and this makes the 24-hour service take days with messages to try to ask for the needed info and files and clarify to the client where to get them from.

My Suggestion was to change the order process to make some fields mandatory with the order like the WordPress login or ftp or cPanel login and also the theme zip files upload.

What do you think?
Have you had similar issues working in WordPress Installations as well?

This is not the correct place, use Studio Support for the suggestions

Can you please provide me with the link?

I do have the same issue time to time but I believe there’s nothing you can do except asking the login/theme

I’ve already tried emailing support but that didn’t change anything, they would respond to me politely saying we’ll think about that and nothing changes.

I really think this is something that should be discussed more in the community to reach the best practices for it.

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