Issues with Assets


I’m having this new weird reoccurring issue with customers about my video assets. I’m assuming it has to do with codecs/AE CC2018 seeing as the customers that have this issue are those that use newer versions of AE. Here’s the error they get:

After Effect error: Source file has no importable streams. Please check that it is a valid video/audio file.


I usually save my assets/pre renders as Format: Quicktime l JPEG2000. Never had any issues before hand… not even with reviewers.

Any ideas? I’m sure this is a quick oversight my brain isn’t processing.


I always save assets as jpeg (or png) sequences. It’s better, because if your machine accidentally shut down, or one of the frame is broken, or in the end you need only a part of the render, you will not need to re-render everything again.

UPD: And I use CC2014 as main version of AE, because newer versions have too many bugs for me (specially preview not in real time). Adobe products are getting worse and worse without really improving them, update only interface (which slows the speed of the program) and some fancy (and not really useful) things.


I believe it’s due to me saving prerenders as jpeg2000. I’ve done some research and talked with a few other authors and it seems as though photo jpeg or as an image sequence just as you stated would be the best way to go.

I appreciate the help!


At the moment, After Effects CC 2018, does not support this format. Forget jpeg2000.