Issues using Swift Page Builder in Flexform Theme

I am using Flexform 1.8.41 in WP 4.9.7 and am having issues editing in Swift Page Builder.

  1. When I edit an element and click Save, the page is OK but when I click Update, the page reloads in Text view in Classic Editor every time. So then I have to click on Swift Page Builder, then Visual mode before continuing with edits.

  2. If I add an H1 Title in a Text Block or Message box etc. then click Save and Update, then go back to Swift Page Builder editing mode and open up the element again, I find an extra paragraph inserted before the H1 element and when I view in Text mode, I see there is an “empty space” character that has been inserted: " "
    Regardless of how many times I delete the extra paragraph with the   then Save, Update, revert back to Swift Page Builder, and reopen the element, I see the additional space and character.

I’ve tested this on Chrome and FireFox on PC and Mac and it is the same on all platforms.

Please advise.

Thank you,

I had also facing these such problems in firefox browser. It fixes after change the browser. You can also get nox player to get android app on your windows, MAC device from