Issues posting ThemeForest to Facebook (10/5/17)

Hey folks,

Just creating a container thread for the issue first identified by @meks in this thread here.

What’s happening?
Facebook appears to be preventing users from posting anything that links to a ThemeForest URL.

Why in the world is that happening?
An excellent question! We’re currently talking with folks from Facebook about that now. They’re investigating and trying and find an answer on their end too. All we know is that something in their system has been automatically triggered, which has resulted in the Facebook platforming behaving this way. Don’t worry, Zuck and the gang haven’t suddenly decided they don’t like Themeforest!

When will this be resolved?
Hopefully pretty soon! We’re talking with Facebook reps now and they’re investigating on our behalf. Hopefully we’ll have some answers later today.

What should you do in the meantime?
As @BenLeong said here:

If anyone has any questions, feel free to sing out below and we’ll answer them if we can :slight_smile:
We’ll also update this thread as we learn more and work towards a solution.


Hey everyone.

Whilst we haven’t yet discovered the core reason for the problem, things seem to be working fine on our end.

If/ when we discover what the problem was, we’ll be sure to let folks know :slight_smile:

Please be sure to reach out if anyone discovers any more errors.

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