Issue with Woodmart Theme: Carrello Icon Not Visible on 6th Generation iPad running iOS 14

Hello, One of the many Woodmart themes we purchased is experiencing an issue regarding the cart icons not displaying on the iOS device, specifically on the iPad 6th generation with iOS 14. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to verify this in the company as we don’t have these specific devices. However, the client urgently needs this issue resolved. We contacted Xtemos to understand how to proceed with the solution. They responded that we should purchase a 6-month support license. However, this was purchased some time ago here on Themeforest, along with the theme. Additionally, the client who uses the site does not have this type of account on Xtemos to upgrade support on the sites. How can we resolve this?


If you have purchased the item through Envato, for support requests, you will have to have active period, therefor you will need to purchase the additional support to request an update from the author. That would be only solution if you’re not willing to hire a freelancer - I may help you for freelance for if you’re interested in