Issue with uploading GIF & JPG files to my items description

Why when I am uploading my Gif files to my items description its appear well, but afterwhile the files get hide and I need to change the URL each time. On a side note, I am uploading my Gif file in my google Images.

Please any recommendation for, what good other sites can be used to hosing the Gif files and JPG. Thanks & Regards

Hi, I’m also using Google Drive and I have no problems. You need to create a new folder, set its sharing options to Public and put everything you need inside that folder. Then you need to right click on each .gif, .jpg, etc. and copy the ID from the link. Cool feature is that you can update and upload the same file and you won’t have to replace the ID again, so it’ll be automatically updated in your Item Description. For more information, check this link:

Thanks a lot.!

I use a site that hosts my images and Gifs, the site is very well organized, all my gifs I host on the site:
The first month is free, the price is very nice and you can rest easy with your files, I hope I helped you in some way.