Issue with the 128kbps preview limit.

Hello creators,

I was setting everything up to submit a new track and I got the following issue while preparing the preview track.
Basically the 128kbps limit seems cutting my high frequencies and the initial finger snaps sounds really odd.

This is the result:

And this is the preview at 320kbps: The bad effect is actually still there a little bit but it’s really subtle. It is totally absent in the wav version.

I partially fixed it by cutting high frequencies with an EQ but would really like to avoid it:

Any suggestion? Or I simply need to cut high frequencies?

Thank you! :smiley:

Mp3 must be always at 320.

Damn…there’s no more the 128kbps limit for the preview file? :open_mouth: LOL

There hasn’t been a 128 kbps limit the 5 years I’ve been with AJ :blush:

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I’m pretty sure there was, but I totally missed when it’s been removed, lol