Issue with tabs and submit_button()



Hi guys.

I’m new to this section, and I’m trying to create my first theme.
I’m working on a Admin panel on the backend so that i can use it to change values, like colors, titles, spacements…
But I’m having some issues with boostrap tabs, that I’ve used as my default grid for the backend.
maybe i didn’t need this, but as it has some js behaviours, i thought this was the best solution for me.
Ok, I’m setting this admin panel as a plugin so that it can be applied to the theme after installation.
For more information i took some steps found at Tuts+ ( - This was used to add color schemes and set afterwards as css.
Ok, now that I’ve made this and after I created new variables I found that the form only works, if it is on the same tab.
If I try to register new page options and call them under other tab, the submit_button() won’t work.
I have set one form per each tab, with a submit_button() also for each form, but i notice that only the first one will work.
I’ve found also an old reply to this issue here:, and I understood that probably it would be needed a Ajax Request but i could not manage to use that information.
What i notice, is that the “option group” has to be the same sit can work.
But i would like to split each information for each tab, so that the user could access all the fields with ease.
Can I have a bit of help from you guys?!

Best regards and have an Happy New Year!! :smiley:


As far as I understand, you need to add jQuery trigger when the tabs changed


Hummmm… Tabs work fine… The submit button as for each form is the problem :expressionless:
I need a bit more research on this.

Best regards.