Issue with specific pages getting stuck in load screen

I’m having some issues with some specific pages that are not loading on specific browsers. It’s not just me, there are more people experiencing the same problem. I’m not sure what the cause is, but because the template (the7) is used on this site, I thought that maybe it could have to do with it.

The theme license has been reconnected to the new webpage name.

There are 2 pages working fine, 1 of which is

However, there are 2 that don’t: and

These pages work fine on Chrome and Firefox, but not on Edge (PC). On my phone they work fine on Firefox but not on Samsung internet.

I know that the problem is not on my end, because I heard others, outside of my network about them too.

I recently changed the website name from to It hasn’t been cloned. I’m not sure if this information helps, just in case. The problems have been popping up since the name change. I get to see the loading circle from the the7 theme, it keeps turning, but nothing happens.

I hope that someone can help me out!

Contact the item author if you’re looking for free support ( as long as you have active support period )