Issue with Smart Slider

Good day, i’m having trouble with an issue that i would like to see clarified , is the Smart Slider having any issues? I’m trying to find the documentation regarding this Element but the help documentation seems to have been removed from your database.

See reference

“To create carousel items, please open the element’s options and you’ll notice the grouped option right away eg: . Click Add More and you’ll be able to create as many as you want. The title of them is optional and mostly used as “identifier” in the list.”

The example links are returning a 404 error.

I Would like to know how do i add images to this smart slider element , it should be a very easy and intuitive task but i haven’t found a solution yet.

The car image is a placeholder that i would like to change, i try to create 2 different carousel Items but i don’t have a simple option to add image.