Issue with Refund

Hello everyone, I hope you can assist me. I’ve raised a dispute for a refund 25 days ago and there has been no updates so far. Can someone from the Envato/themeforest team assist reviewing this refund request id “PurcahseCodeRemovedByMod”.
Many thanks for your feedback and advice.



Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Thank you for your help mgscoder but for the past three weeks that’s what I’ve been doing. Any possibility for you to connect me with an agent that can help me verify the request? Is it possible to escalate the request to the refunds team?
I also don’t know if the other forum might be more related for these type of queries. My apologizes for the double post.

As you already raised a dispute for a refund then the dispute already assigned to the refund and dispute review team. they should review the dispute as quickly they can. but as you mentioned already 25 days gone please contact customer support and let them know. they will check the status and will let you know.

Forum is a general purpose public place. here we just can send you in the right track.


Thank you for your time mgscoder.