Issue with Download - Possible Virus Present

I downloaded three PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver a few weeks ago. I’m convinced there was Malware present in one.

Can somebody assist?

Anybody? I think these should be reviewed ASAP!

Anyone available to scan the files?

how can we help you with the virus ?

sure i can scan it for you

hello, what do intend reviewing?

Raise it with support

If you think a file is infected then DO NOT share it with other people. Aside from potential damage to people’s systems, redistributing items (even in this type of scenario) is not allowed under the terms of your license.

All items are checked and reviewed before approval so it’s pretty unusual for items to have these issue but support are definitely the right people to check.

Charlie - I have contacted support but have received no response… Could you help me?

Unfortunately I don’t work for envsto and don’t have access to their systems.

I’m pretty sure they’d take a concern like this seriously and will reply quite quickly. Don’t open any new tickets as it just pushes it back further.

Hi Patrick. I’ve just sent you a private message about some extra details for your support ticket - we’ll make sure it reaches the right team :wink: