Issue With - Affiliate Management System - PHP Platform Extended License

I have purchased the Affiliate Management System - PHP Platform on CodeCanyon and also upgraded the license to extended. However, I have not really used it since then because the update had an error where I could not log in as an admin, and the sales function wasn’t working for the external website. I had to install a fresh script from my CodeCanyon download option, but unfortunately, there are errors with the Affiliate, Vendor, and Admin functions that prevent the scripts from working perfectly.

I have noticed that each time this author updates, there are always one or two errors that I believe are deliberate so users will reach out to them for support, forcing you to renew support if it has already expired.

Now my support has expired, and their script isn’t functioning 100%.

Someone should please talk to them to upload a perfectly working script so I can install it afresh.

Contact Envato support

I was looking for a way to contact Envato Support before finding this forum and I just did.

I really appreciate your help, thank you.

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