Issue with Add-On - How do I contact author?

I downloaded an add-on and in the help file it says to email the author if issues/help is needed, but there is no email address. Tried searching the site, to no avail. I’m new (just this week) - what am I missing?
Edited to add: this is the problem - I edit the the text in the smart object, per instruction, but it only updates/changes the shadow layer.

@cfillion2 I found this item and got it downloaded from Elements (found easily, I just select “add ons” in graphics and typed in “text effect classic”).

This item is broken - checked by myself.


What you need to do:

  1. Place your text in [YOUR TEXT HERE] layer and close approving the changes
  2. Then Open 3D folder which is placed below
  3. Select layer named “Classic” and then click the locker icon which is placed above (next to “fill:100%” window)
  4. When locker icon disappear from the layer then just double click on it and place exactly the same text (with exactly the same position and size) like you placed inside [YOUR TEXT HERE] layer.

Explanation → such items are working like this → you are creating first layer, you are making this layer smart object and then all next smart objects have to be the copy of this firstly created smart object - you can modify these copied smart objects in any way but one thing you can’t do is to rasterize this smart object and then make it smart object again because this action is braking the smart objects connection.

I hope this helps but this item need to be updated. This could happen from time to time - no big deal. Just update is needed.


Peace :slight_smile:

Thank you for this. I haven’t tried your solution yet, but will as soon as I post this.


Okay I tried - I think I’m still missing something. I unlocked and changed the first “Classic” in the 3D layer, but it only changed that layer. Do I have to repeat for each layer? (I changed text to Cindy)

Unlocked other layers in 3D folder…

@cfillion2 as @dgas99 said - unlock all these smart obejcts → just select them all (all these inside “3D” folder) and click this lock icon. After unlocking all of them should be fine (to see the effect you have to add your text to the “[YOUR TEXT HERE]” and first “Classic” smart objects again)

  • I unlocked all of them as you can see on my screen shoot but I forgot to write it down. ;]
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Perfect, thank you so much. Your patience is appreciated! The only issue is that it seems I would have to change the color overlay on each layer. Hopefully the author sees this thread and fixes it.

@cfillion2 → You can Edit colors easily. Look and do the points I wrote and then you can make it any color you like IN SECONDS.

  1. Select “3D” folder on the layer list

  2. Then go down and find circle icon at the bottom - this icon should be in the middle (circle painted in half) - when you find this icon → click and from the menu select “Hue/Saturation…”

  3. Now the new layer named “Hue/Saturation 1” should appear above “3D” folder → right click on this “Hue/Saturation 1” layer and from the list select “Create Clipping Mask”

  4. Now → this layer have its own icon (the same half painted circle) → double click on this icon and you will see new pop-up window with three bars → Hue = change the color and Saturation = change the intensity of the color

  5. After color editing is finished you can just close this window → also if you want to edit color again just double click on this layer icon again.

  6. Bonus - you can create the same hue/saturation clipping mask for background so you can edit background color the same way.

Some visual help below.

BONUS - you can do the same steps if you want to edit brightness and contrast of this letters (helpful settings if someone want to make the colors even more “life”) → the only difference is to select “brightness/contrast” from the list at the bottom after clicking the same circle icon. New layer will appear above “hue/saturation” layer - just click on this new “brightness/contrast” layer and select “create clipping mask” → now you will have two setting layers - both clipped and ready to use :slight_smile:

Done. :slight_smile:

You know what… I think I will do some 3D text effects for my Elements shop. I have some but not too much.


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@PeakStar you rock! There’s a saying - ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees’. I was so caught up in Smart Object thing, I completely forgot about clipping layers. Thank you so much for taking your time to help here.

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No problem :slight_smile: have fun.