issue on extension sp page builder installation and creative slider returns error.”Unexpected json <

We have purchased
Mountis - Hiking And Outdoor Club Joomla 4 Template.
We have installed it in our server PHP version 8.1 and joomla version 4.3.
When we install the required extension sp page builder and creative slider returns error.”Unexpected json <.
After reload the page it shows extension installed success.

We have tried our local server and also in shared hosting server. No luck

Can anyone have idea on this?

Do you by chance have PHP configured to display errors? If so, turn that off and try again. It’s possible that some notices or warnings are appearing in the JSON output due to the various deprecations in PHP 8+, which would trigger that exact error message.

If that doesn’t help, contact the author. I’m sure @codelayers will be happy to assist. :grin:

Hello @naethra

Thank you for your purchase from codelayers. Please send us details with screenshot of error we will check it


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