Isotope Gallery Help

I need help with the Isotope Gallery plugin…I just recently saw that the maker of the plugin does not help with support issues.
Not sure what happened but you’re welcome to take a look at the link to see what I am referring to. The previews in the gallery section are all greyed out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Did you read the docs on how to use isotope? If not please take a look on it… thanks

Thank you for responding to my question mabuc.
The gallery page in question has been working for over a year.
The shortcode has been added to the Gallery page as it was originally.
The only other thing I can try is to disable/deactivate certain plugins that might be causing the gallery to not function properly.

Their might be a code issue on this… try checking your jquery code for isotope…

Thank you again for your reply and input!
Are you familiar with Jetpack?
There is a feature in Jetpack called Photon that helps with the loading of images and galleries.
I made that inactive and my gallery is operating normally.
Not sure why and do not know enough about code, etc. like yourself to figure it out, but for now it’s viewable.

I assumed their is a code conflict between isotope and jetpack, their might be the same class or id name… try checking that…