Isometric Game have rejected. Need feeback please!

Hello everyone!! This issue of posting in envate has been uphill for many as I read. I have not been the exception, since 3 times I uploaded my item and the 3 times has been rejected. Need feeback please want to improve but it is difficult uncritically. Thank you all!


First of all your preview image (text, colors, symmetry, everything) not looking good.
Visit graphicriver assets to see some preview examples of items.

Next i think a lot items here need more work. Specially colors and patterns are not looking good. There is no harmonic each other.

We talking about graphics and your graphics need a lot work! :wink:

For example your Characters’ patterns you use with color connection is wrong.
Even game buttons shapes, the symmetry of them… need a lot work, too amateur.

I think you need to try from scratch to fix your work or design a new one… So, good luck! :sunglasses:

What was the rejection message?

Thanks for comment. I will take each comment to optimize my work.

Maybe you can improve your work (character etc) by give them more detail parts, and yes, your preview image should have more work too.