ISO advanced search plugin for pages



Anyone have advice on how to build a large Wordpress website with an advanced search. The needs are: automated pages from forms, then a search that can find these pages. BTW this is for a Charity site.

  1. A vendor will fill out a details on form (like contact form 7, or gravity forms) including tags, name, logo, profile photo, address and contact info and submit the form.
  2. The submitted form will then approved by an admin.
  3. The submitted form once approved will (hopefully automatically) become page with per-populated areas
  4. This new page will be added to a searchable list of other pages.
  5. When a Visitor comes to the site, they can fill out the search bar (not unlike amazon), then narrow down results with a filter of some sort.

Kinda tall order, but a list of plugins, themes, and methods would be super helpful.


You might want to check out the Business Directory Plugin. It’s free, provides a front end form for vendors to sign up and is searchable across all of it’s fields.

I’ve used it on a couple other websites and have been quite happy. (It even includes easily customizable templates to that you can modify in your (child) theme folder).