Isn't there somewhere to ask a HUMAN BEING a freaking question?????

i’m just a little photographer trying to find out about a animated Photoshop action I bought. Geez–I don’t even understand most of the lingo on here.

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Hello @tracywhiteside,

Let’s be respectful in the forums. I am a human being and other forum members too :slight_smile:

Regarding the Photoshop action, which is the action you bought? Usually you can contact the action author in the comments and they will be happy to help you with any issues/questions.

All the best!


I am not being disrespectful–I am crying out for help. What do you mean
by “in the comments?”

I purchased the “Gif Animated Circles Photoshop Action.” Photoshop keeps
freezing up before the animation happens and I’m not sure if I’m doing
something wrong, or if there is a problem with the action. This is the
first time I tried animation. When I start the animation, all the big
bubbles disappear and I am left with only little bubbles around the edges.
Am I supposed to edit every layer for the animation? Thanks!

Tracy Whiteside

The comments section is here…

Although you’ll usually be better using the contact form on the author’s profile page, here…

Also, double check the included documentation… it may cover the issue you’re having.

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Well, I sent 2 emails to the designer 6 days at his request and have not
heard back. I would really just prefer a refund because obviously this is
going to be a problem.

Hello @tracywhiteside

I’m sorry to hear this. I was wondering if you checked also the Spam folder in your email account? Sometimes emails from authors do go there, it happened to me too a few times.

If not, here is the article which explains how to get a refund:

All the best!