Isn't my action a resale?

Hello! I am a backend web developer. I want to create a web application using store templates. Every time when a client comes to me, I will show to clients a templates from the store and the client will choose a suitable template from there. Then I will buy that template from my account to my client and create a web site to my clients. That is, it turns out that every time I will re-buy each template from the store for each new customer. Customers themselves will not be able to buy templates because they do not have an account in the store and, in general, they are ordinary people. What do you think, is not my action a resale? Can I do that?

If you mean you want to preview items to potential clients then buy them on their behalf ten that’s ok BUT:

  1. you can’t resell an item “as is” - it has to be customised sufficiently to client needs

  2. you would be VERY wise to tell clients where the item is coming from because

A) if you don’t and you charge more - then they find out you will look bad

B) it is actually better that a client buys the item (with guest purchases active there is no longer a need to create an account or for them not to buy it themselves), because if it is in your account then you are preventing them having access to future support or updates that they are entirely entitled to.

Given you will be editing the item to their requirements you can charge for that work means that there is no reason not to tell them where it’s coming from or better still have them buy the item themselves