Is your P.R.O. Status helping? Hurting?

Hi to fellow AudioJungle composers! I was wondering the reaction of those composers who have switched to P.R.O. status. Has this had an effect (positive? negative? no effect?) on your sales? Have your P.R.O. revenues been affected?

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From what I’ve seen both for myself and others I know, is that there has been no negative effect.


No negatives here. Only huge upside possibilities. No guarantees of course, but payoff possibilities not many people would want to miss out on.


Thank you for your very helpful replies!

Hello Starry_Music,
As my fellow mates told the composers switched PRO status is not affecting us in any negative way. But the thing is we cant expect assurance from we are hoping for the best to happen. Thank you.

Same here. No negative effects.

i don’t know…i am selling way more less and queue is doubled…!
Maybe is not about PRO, just saying :slight_smile:

no negative affects. many more sales actually and lots of bigger licenses this week specifically.

The review queue was over 30 days at the point that PRO music was allowed, so if anything it has had a positive effect on the review time :wink:

30 days Really?? Before pro was 5 days for me…as i said i dont know, i only see that im selling way less etc
Peace :v:t6:

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Thank you for all replies. These are very helpful!