Is WPML a requirement for WordPress theme approval?


Today I received another soft reject with this comment:

4. The file wpml-config.xml is missing.

So, my question, is this required to get WordPress theme approved? I tried to read articles on WPML and as I understand you either have to pay to get the account and download plugins required for translation or use Go-Global Program -

Want to hear thoughts of experienced WP developers, who already have products here. How did you get through this process? Did you make process with Go-Global Program or simply paid for the plugin?


No need to pay, you can either do this file yourself, or talk to WPML through some form in order for them to review your theme and accept as WPML ready. They will then create this file for you. No need to pay for anything.

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Thanks for the info. I try to stick with Go-Global Program, already submit the form there, but still no reply :slight_smile:
I think Envato should put this information in theme requirements list and provide some instructions for the beginner authors.


I do not think that WPML compatibility is a must except if you stated that in your theme description…
At least this information was true 7 months ago

Cheers !

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Yes, you right, I think that was the reason cuz I accidentally chose WPML in compatibility.
But I want to make my theme WPML compatible, so I guess I will proceed with Go-Global Program.

Thanks a lot.